My name is Cristina Santamarina.
I am from Madrid, spent three years in Prague and currently live in Berlin.

Three towers

My main fields of professional interest are technologic innovation, automation, and new production and consumption trends. I am excited about how they can help us be happier and how they are shaping the future of societies. I mix my two main interest in my job managing sales and marketing at Cobot, a web application to manage coworking spaces.

I love dancing (for myself) and cooking (for as many as I can); history documentaries, and old, black and white movies.

At the moment I am not available for long term projects, though I’ll be happy to help with consulting, or doing things like writing guest blog posts, speaking at events, or helping out in events management.

Reach me at hola [at] cristinasantamarina [dot] com if you want to connect; or follow me on twitter @crissantamarina.


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